❝Everyone is scared. Knowing that makes you a kinder human and consequently less scared yourself.❞ - Caissie Levy

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You're not alone in hating college like I hope you don't think youre weird or youre out of place in society because you're having a rough time. I just wanted to let you know that society tells us this is the best time of our lives, but everyones paths are different. Who wants to peak in school anyways?! This just means great things are coming or you and on the positive side, it will be an obnoxious memory one day. If you ever need to talk please know I'm here! Much love to you!

you are an angel. <3


I moved into slippery rock three years ago today, and three years later, I still fucking despise it.

The only good things that have come from that place are a select few really amazing friends and Miriam. I’m so done with EVERYTHING about this school. Everyone’s always telling me not to wish my life away and that college is the best time of your life, but these past three years have driven me to self harm, a therapist, and more emotional anguish than I would’ve ever thought possible. The day that I escape is going to be the best day of my fucking life.

Sorry for the rant. I know I complain about school a lot, but expressing it somewhere that’s not my mom or my brain is really helpful. Thanks for putting up with me.




Great Danes are gentle giants.

Is no one going to mention the kitten… Clearly it is not a great dane.

I love my Ella. <3

I think my tumblr app is a little confused, unless mckayla maroney was in newsies and I was unaware&#8230;?

I think my tumblr app is a little confused, unless mckayla maroney was in newsies and I was unaware…?



I want you all to know that today, for the final Newsies performance, all of the swings are getting into costume and going to to perform during the last scene and curtain call. They reblocked the entire number to fit them in for the last time and if that isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard you can leave


After a weekend that included 6 sessions of gymnastics, multiple classes at congress, a 21st birthday, a hangover, and an eye infection, I am back. Ayyyyyayay. What a ridiculous 5 days!

  1. me on a spanish test: cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira
Shake It Off
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I’m dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go

And that’s what they don’t know



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random gymternet questions
1. dream floor music?

Good lord, I have so many. I just started choreographing a routine to “Crystallize” by Lindsay Sterling (Bailie Key’s current music), but I’ll always keep my senior year music (“Requiem for a Dream”) close to my heart.

2. fav combo on beam?

Ughhh I really love a lot of three element series, but I think I’m going handspring layout arabian a la 2009 Komova. Badass.

3. beam queen. go!

Aghhhh so many. Shawn Johnson, Carly Patterson and Kyla Ross are all so comfortable up there that watching them is easy - everything looks so sure and solid. But you can’t beat the grace and difficulty of the Chinese - I mean, Yang Bo, Xiao Sha, Deng Linlin - all amazing.

4. russian or chinese bars?

Russian, I think - but I like both for different reasons.

5. gymnast you feel is constantly overlooked?

Poor Pavs.

6. ___________ were the best olympics ever

I have to say 2004 just because they were the first I watched - the Olympics that made me want to compete and that introduced me to the elite world.
7. ___________ was soo underscored
I honestly don’t know for this one.
8. front or back tumbling?
Back tumbling because my front tumbling righteously sucked.
9. should the one armed giant be upgraded?
10. i wish __________ would come back already

ALICIA SACRAMONE like come on, she’s my queen.

11. valentina rodionenko should be replaced by queen khorkina. agree or disagree?

I would actually pay money to see that happen.

12. pavs for rio?


13. 3 passes on floor or 4?


14. __________ currently has the best choreo

I am REALLY digging Simone Biles’s new routine. Not the most classically artistic, but she PERFORMS it and it works so well for her, and that is what’s important.

15. the ultimate question- mustafina or komova?


16. petition to bring back aliya’s markelov/khorkina? yes??


17. simone biles to dominate at worlds?

I don’t see this NOT happening. Team, AA, Vault, and Floor gold, methinks.

18. sheep jumps or double stags?

Sheep jumps.

19. hardest question ever- when will kyla upgrade?

When pigs fly.

20. __________ will surprise us all at worlds

I want the GBR team to come out and cut some bitches.

21. illusion or semenova turns?


22. nastia’s or aliya’s onodi?

I think I like Nastia’s - it flows a bit better.

23. podium predictions for yog. go.

1. Downie. 2. Tutkhalyan. 3. Yan.

24. piked or straddled tkatchevs?


25. best patterson dismount you’ve seen so far?

Patterson 4-evs.

26. yes or no- aly will come back strong.

I’m gonna say yes - every time I’ve doubted her, she proves me wrong.

27. who is a threat to simone right now (junior or senior)?

Honestly? I don’t think anyone.

28. asac’s double arabian or ponor’s double layout?

Is this even a question? Alicia’s double arabian.

29. will we see any skills named after gymnasts this worlds/yog?


30. nationals and classics predictions.

1. Biles. 2. Ross. 3. I’m gonna go WAY out on a limb and say Skinner.

1. Norah Flatley. 2. Nia Dennis. 3. Jordan Chiles

31. rule about layouts on beam being downgraded if they’re too piked. yay or nay?

Yay - to an extent. If we start downgrading every single one, there’s gonna be a problem.

32. kochetkovas or rufolvas?


33. another hard question- pavs’ floor choreo or afan’s?


34. commonwealth games predictions.

A little late on this one!

35. who do you expect to dominate at yog?

I don’t think anyone is going to DOMINATE, per say.


you’re walking in the woods

there is no one around

and your phone is dead

out of the corner of your eye you spot him

                                                                                                    shia labeouf